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BMJ Case Reports editor-in-chief, Seema Biswas, explains what BMJ Case Reports is and the educational value provided to all healthcare professionals.

BMJ Case Reports is an online, peer-reviewed journal that publishes clinically-important cases on common and rare conditions from all specialties. 

  • Easily search the largest peer-reviewed case reports database 

  • 25k+ clinically-significant case reports published from 70+ countries

  • Learn from real cases around aspects of differential diagnosis and decision-making

  • Education modules to help you test your developing clinical skills

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Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases
Archives of Disease in Childhood

BMJ Best Practice provides healthcare professionals with access to the latest clinical information. It is the only point-of-care tool that supports the management of the whole patient by including guidance on the treatment of a patient’s acute condition, alongside their pre-existing comorbidities through its unique Comorbidities Manager. With the BMJ Best Practice app, you have unlimited access to clinical answers, online or offline. 

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One of the world's leading general medicine journals, The BMJ publishes objective and practical medical insight and original research that help physicians improve patient outcomes. A journalistic approach, and rigorous academic analysis, keep the content interesting and topics newsworthy.

  • Ranked #4 among general medicine journals

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BMJ Impact Analytics

Bibliosan members now have access to BMJ Impact Analytics, the first research impact tool focused on health and social care, reinforcing the university’s commitment to supporting a healthy, responsible impact culture in research. Impact Analytics will help academic institutions and funders discover where research has been cited in clinical guidance and health policies worldwide. It uniquely shows the influence on patient care (citing BMJ's leading decision support tool, BMJ Best Practice) and provides your impact in context. 

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